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Android Application Development

Course Description

Globally 75% of the population now has access to mobile phones. Mobile application development is one of the fastest-growing segments worldwide across industry sectors. Not just retail, entertainment, travel, and hospitality sectors that are taking advantage of this new mobile-based business landscape, but also healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and other critical sectors are also engaged in mobile application development lately to create a footprint to ensure they do not get left behind in this evolving business landscape.

Mobile applications are one of the direct ways to engage your customer with customized targeting to deliver what they need. With more than 80% of mobile users searching for products and services online, 26% actually search for an application related to a particular brand. Hence, mobile application development training is gaining a lot of momentum lately, where every organization of different types and sizes are joining the bandwagon of creating apps for Android and iOS platforms across various device types.

The Android Application Development course is an introductory / beginner level Mobile Application Development training that is ideal for developers who write codes that support various mobile Android platforms and deployment. Learners will also understand how to develop bespoke native mobile applications for Android use SDKs, and deploy the apps successfully.


Participants who take part in the Mobile App Development course will learn about:

  • Android Native Application Development
  • Android-based SDK tools and how to use them
  • Gestures and localization architecture
  • Phonegap, HTML/ CSS, and setting up environment
  • UI Designing using jQuery
  • Deployment of Android applications to testing, play store, and device

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Programmers
  • Application Developers
  • Anybody who wants to learn Mobile Application Development concepts and best practices
  • Aspiring Android and iOS application developers who want to grow in their careers


  • The course is ideal for any developer, software engineer, IT professionals, and aspiring Android developers. As this is an introductory / beginner-level course, this can be attended by anybody who wants to gain knowledge of building or developing native applications on Android platforms.


  • 2 Weeks

Course Outline

1. Android Framework and Android Studio

  • Introduction
  • Android Software Layers
  • Android Libraries
  • Components of an Android Application
  • Pre-requisite of Android Application Development
  • Android Studio

2. Android SDK Tools and Activity Class

  • Android Project Structure
  • Android Manifest File
  • Structure of Manifest File
  • Activity

3. Fragment Views and List View

  • Introduction
  • Fragments
  • Views
  • List Views and List Activity

4. Intents and Intent Filters

  • Introduction
  • Intents
  • Native Android Action
  • Data Transfer
  • Intent to Call activities
  • Register and Intent Filter

5. Android Layouts and custom views

  • Introduction
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Customized Views

6. Android UI- Dialogs, Menus and Web view

  • Introduction
  • User Interaction
  • Dialogs
  • Toasts
  • Context Menu
  • Option Menu
  • Web View

7. Android Storage and Background Processing

  • Android Storage Option
  • Shared Preferences
  • SQLite
  • Web Services
  • Background Processing

8. Android Notifications

  • Introduction
  • Creating a notification
  • Notification action
  • Expandable Notification
  • Notification Layouts



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