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Corporate Governance and Public Relations

Course Description

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between on organization and its publics. Public relations is the management, through communication, of perceptions and strategic relationships between an organization and its internal and external stakeholders. It is a distinctive management function deliberately carried out by an organization.

To advance organizations’ and public interests, Corporate organizations have become major actors in the political economy of many countries.

Due to their contributions to the development of countries, models and concepts have been developed to ensure that corporate organizations not only survive but operate in the best interest of all stakeholders including the government.

One of the most important concepts developed by business and financial experts is corporate governance (CG).

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is the manner in which corporations are directed, controlled and held to account with special concern for effective leadership of the corporations to ensure that they deliver on their promise as the wealth creating organ of the society in a sustainable manner.

CG refers to how organizations are directed with emphasis on leadership. CG is based on concept of accountability of leaders (directors) to shareholders with concerns for sound ethical leadership


At the end of the training, participants shall be able to:

  • Understand the concept of public relations
  • Comprehend the concept of corporate governance
  • Internalize the role of professional public relations in the corporate governance of organization

Target Audience

  • Individuals in Corporate and Public Sector Management


  • Basic Computer Knowledge.


  • 40 Hours

Course Outline

  1. Rights and Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
  2. Interest of Stakeholders
  3. Role and Responsibility of the Board of Directors
  4. Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
  5. Disclosure and Transparency



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