Course Category: Programming

Software Testing: WEB, Mobile, API

A software tester is one of the sought-after specialties in the IT industry. However, it is quite difficult to obtain a complete set of knowledge for the development of this profession, since they are not taught in our universities. Our course will allow you to fully cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of this field, and […]

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Introduction to R Programming Training

Over the past few years, R has been steadily gaining popularity with business analysts, statisticians and data scientists as a tool of choice for conducting statistical analysis of data as well as supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Who Should Attend Business Analysts, Technical Managers, and Programmers.

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Data Analytics using R Programming

Data Analysis with R Programming is a comprehensive course that provides a good insight into the latest and advanced features available in different formats. It explains in detail how to perform various data analysis functions using R Programming. The course has plenty of resources that explain how to use a particular feature, in a step-by-step manner. […]

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