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Digital Marketing Professional Program

The digital advertising market is growing rapidly and becoming a preferred choice of marketing for various corporates. Companies are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this domain as it evolves rapidly. Hence, the need arises for relevant and up-to-date courses to keep the current and future digital marketers on course.

Manipal Global has designed this program to address the growing demand for competent digital marketing professionals. This program is built on Google AdWords Certification Exam that offers students a fresh perspective in online marketing through instructor led classroom training, case studies, assignments, simulation and assessments. On completion of the program, learners will receive certification issued by Manipal Global.

Benefits to You

  • Technological: This course will give you very good understanding on the key components of digital marketing, commonly used tools in digital marketing and usage of these tools.
  • Financial & Reputational: Whether it is brand building or direct response this course will teach you how set the metrics that matter, measure the results and achieve your marketing goals
  • Career & Growth: This course will help you in preparing for AdWords certification which helps not only your future employment opportunity but also improving the performance campaigns that you are running for your business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement online campaigns successfully
  • Learn Online Advertising, AdWords Campaign management and Campaign Basics
  • Apply relevant tools and concepts to execute measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan
  • Create online brand building initiatives that work
  • Develop a multi-channel strategy using search, social, PPC and programmatic buying that deliver on organization marketing objectives
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques into your strategic marketing plan

Who Should Attend

  • Management Students
  • Digital Marketing Aspirants
  • Marketing Professionals who want to shift to online digital marketing
  • Beginners in online marketing


  • Beginners to Advanced


  • Blended


  • 165 Hours


  • Online Test on Google AdWords
  • Certification Exam


  • After successful completion of this course, students will receive certification from Manipal ProLearn.


Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Scope and expectations from the course
  • Marketing in the digital world
  • Integrated marketing- The Phygital
  • Global trends in Digital Marketing
  • Digital channels- Paid, Owned and Earned
  • Fundamentals on the primary asset- your website
  • Careers in digital marketing
  • Skill development in digital marketing

2. Fundamentals of AdWords

  • Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement Significance and evolution of AdWords in PPC.
  • Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
  • AdWords Certification- Overview, Benefits and Preparation
  • Google Ad Networks
  • Different Ad Formats
  • Keywords - significance and planning
  • Using Keyword Planner and other tools
  • Keyword matches and their usage
  • Campaign Structure and Organisation
  • Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
  • Bidding and budget
  • Targeting Setting
  • Extensions and their usage
  • Ad policies and approvals
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Metrics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Optimisation

3. Search Advertising & AdWords Tools

  • Keywords - planning, matching and combination
  • Specifications of an Ad and how to put it to good use
  • Managing Invalid Clicks
  • Ad extensions and usage
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Landing page - your virtual front
  • Campaign Experiment
  • Opportunities Tab
  • AdWords APIs
  • AdWords editor- Benefits and usage
  • Managing multiple accounts

4. Display Advertising using AdWords

  • Google Display Network and Partnerships
  • Double Click Ad Exchange and AdSense
  • Campaign Creation and Structuring for display
  • Keyword and targeting through display network
  • Campaign Metrics, Analysis and optimization

5. Video Advertising using YouTube

  • YouTube - why you need to be there?
  • YouTube format, tools and targeting
  • Video Campaign Creation
  • Video Campaign tracking and optimization
  • Video Ad performance and best practices
  • You Tube Analytics

6. Advertising on mobile

  • Importance of Mobile and Opportunities to Leverage
  • Key Objectives for Mobile Marketing
  • Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile
  • Mobile Site: Key Considerations
  • Mobile App: Key Considerations
  • Mobile specific bidding and targeting
  • Apps Marketing
  • Mobile Analytics, Reporting and Optimization

7. Shopping Advertising with Google

  • Google Shopping and Merchant Centre
  • Setting up account in Merchant Centre - single and multiclient
  • Setting up and using Product Feed
  • Setting up and managing product campaigns
  • Tracking and optimization
  • How to make the best usage of Shopping Campaigns

8. Search Engine Optimisation

  • How search engines work
  • On page optimization - content
  • On page optimization - technical
  • Off-page optimization and link building
  • Some key SEO tools
  • Creating a SEO plan

9. Social Media Marketing

  • Evolution and importance of Social Media
  • Organic and paid Social Media
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Social media Tools
  • Social Media Analytics

10. Google Analytics

  • Building a case for digital analytics
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Reports, Dashboards and Customizations
  • Linking AdWords and Google Analytics
  • Optimization of AdWords using Google Analytics
  • Test and Learn framework- A/B Testing
  • Attribution Modelling

Bonus Module (Self-Paced Learning)

11. Programmatic Buying, Email and Affiliate Marketing

  • Programmatic Buying
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating digital media plan






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