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FarmERP is a powerful and easy-to-use farm management software platform that assists agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain. Our extensive suite of planning, management, accounting, inventory, sales, and many more solutions can help you in running a thriving agribusiness.

With IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technology offerings, FarmERP can easily streamline your agriculture management efforts. Our farm management software can also offer precise weather forecasts and yield estimates. Moreover, by providing accurate insights into various parameters, FarmERP helps you to always make data-driven agribusiness decisions.


Features to Fuel Your Agribusiness Growth


Foster your agribusiness growth with our planning, sales, accounts, analytics, and many more agricultural modules. We also offer farm profile, production, traceability, biotech, etc modules to help you streamline your farm functions.

ERP Engine

Get FarmERP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to optimise every aspect of your agribusiness. Manage accounting, inventory, sales, as well as end-to-end farm activities efficiently with our powerful ERP engine.

Payments Ready

With FarmERP, a hassle-free checkout experience is guaranteed. Our payments ready platform ensures secure and seamless transactions for your agribusiness with reduced risks of failures.


Assess farm data, predict weather conditions, detect pests, etc with smart tech-integration. Our farm management software can optimise your processes with smart algorithms as well as artificial intelligence and computer vision offerings.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with smart devices and legacy systems is now possible with our farm management software. Integrate sensors, drones, agribots, as well as software like SAP, Oracle, Netsis, etc with your agribusiness effortlessly.

Multilingual ERP

FarmERP makes sure that language barriers do not deprive agribusinesses and farmers of agritech expertise. Our multilingual ERP platform ensures that people across the globe can cash in on our offerings.

Internet of Agricultural Things

Get critical insights into farm conditions and make well-informed decisions with FarmERP’s internet of agriculture things expertise. Make optimal use of resources and accelerate agricultural productivity effectively.


FarmERP provides customised reports and dashboards to power your agribusiness decisions with data-based insights. Ensure smart yield predictions and bring maintenance costs down to a minimum with our analytics offerings.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Identifying crop diseases, pest attacks, and nutrient deficiencies is now easier with FarmERP. Get constant visibility into various field parameters through the satellite imagery analysis of our farm management software.


Trace the entire seed-to-sale journey of agriproducts with FarmERP’s blockchain feature. We help you build trustworthy food supply chains and be better prepared in case of recall incidents.


Value-driven Offerings


i. Plantations and Farms Pack

Smartly Optimize Your Plantation and Farm Enterprise Operations

Get complete control over the operations of your plantation or farm business with our farm management software. Assess each and every field parameter accurately and get plot-wise and crop-wise profit and loss statements with FarmERP.

Managing Large to Medium-sized Plantations and Farms

Simplify agriculture management for your large to medium-sized plantations and farms with our globally tried-and-tested software platform. We help plantations and farm enterprises of all crops to successfully manage their inputs, labour, and machinery to ensure seamless agribusiness functioning.

Our comprehensive ERP platform can improve your farm management efforts with smart tech-integration, digital supply chain traceability, and efficient agritech solutions. FarmERP’s advanced farm management system can also encourage and enhance the cultivation and management of greenhouse and nursery crops.


ii. Contract Farming Pack

End-to-end Outgrower Management – One ERP Platform.

FarmERP assists contract farming companies and outgrower management firms in maintaining seamless partnerships with farmers. Get access to production planning expertise as well as AI tools and insightful dashboards to make your contract farming business profitable.

Digitally Connecting Contract Farming Companies and Smallholders

FarmERP’s farm management system can nurture mutually beneficial partnerships between farmers and procurement managers of food and agro-processing companies. We ensure enhanced farmer data management for contract farming businesses with easy access to plot information and farm activity recording capabilities.

Our farm management system can provide crop schedules, AI-based quality checks and yield estimations through satellite imagery. We can also optimize procurement, harvest plans, grading, packing, and sales operations to enable smart control over agri-supply chains. Thus, FarmERP’s agriculture management system is the perfect fit for companies that aim to achieve farm-to-fork traceability.


iii. Packers and Exporters Pack

Harness Smart Agritech Solutions to Boost Export Potential

From assisting in meeting MRL requirements to ensuring phytosanitary certification, FarmERP considerably enhances the potential of packing and export enterprises. Our farm management software offers precise export documentation support and ensures hassle-free workflows for you.

Equipping Packing and Export Enterprises With Managerial Expertise

We enable packing and export enterprises of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, grains, spices and many other crops to comply with all necessary regulations. Being a global GAP member that supports Fairtrade certification, we assist you in meeting MRL requirements and also in ensuring your phytosanitary certification.

This helps the enterprises in keeping control on quality with residue-free agriproducts, thereby driving maximum value for their exports.


iv. Plant Biotech Pack

Track Entire Tissue Culture Production and Hardening Operations

Managing the production of tissue-culture plants can now be easier and more efficient with FarmERP’s agritech support. We help agri-biotech enterprises to control contamination, simplify mother plant management, and get end-to-end traceability with our smart farm management platform.

Assisting Agri-biotech Companies in Optimizing Crop Production

FarmERP empowers agri-biotech enterprises with smart technology solutions to efficiently manage laboratory and hardening operations of tissue culture-raised plants. We help them keep track of all processes right from mother plant stock details, PIR and PGR management, to media preparation, micropropagation, primary and secondary hardening, and labeling activities.


v. Hydroponics Pack

Indoor Farming: Year-round Production of Nutrient-rich Crops

FarmERP is the perfect platform for hydroponic and aeroponic growers to enhance their controlled-environment agriculture practices. Our agritech expertise enables growers to remotely manage all the farm activities of their indoor farms. We also help growers in optimising their labour and inputs.

Optimizing Plant Growth for Hydroponic Farmers

With our advanced farm management system, we assist hydroponic or aeroponic growers to smartly optimize their labour and inputs. By helping to employ a controlled-environment approach, we enable farmers to grow tomatoes, leaf lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, and many other crops hydroponically.


vi. Livestock Pack

Raising Healthier and More Productive Livestock

Livestock or animal farming companies can hugely benefit from the livestock management offerings of FarmERP. We can assist in monitoring the location of livestock and in keeping track of their well-being. Similarly, we can also help in accurately recording animal sales, mortality events, etc.

Revamping Livestock Management Capabilities of Animal Farming Companies

FarmERP can assist animal farming companies by perfectly aligning their livestock management functions with planning, production and inventory. Right from vaccination to milking details, we can help dairy farming companies to track every detail and aptly ensure the well-being of their livestock.


vii. Farmer Producer Company Pack

Building an Organized System to Revitalise Smallholder Farmers

FarmERP assists farmer producer companies (FPC) in handling production, inventory management, procurements, accounting, and post-production in a hassle-free manner. Our farm management software platform can also enhance the functions of farming institutions by providing them with the best-in-industry technology offerings.

Strengthening FPOs and FPCs to Boost Farm Management

Our farm management system can enhance the potential of farmer producer companies, farmer cooperatives, and producer organizations with advanced tools and technologies. With our technical expertise, we help both input and output FPCs in managing procurement, inventory management, post production as well as accounting activities.

By offering data-based insights, we can enable the farming institutions to meet consumer needs better and scale up their business by capitalizing on latest trends. With expertise in using high-tech tools and technologies, we also help in carrying out quality checks and offer end-to-end traceability of all agriproducts.



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