Routing and Switching (HCIA-R&S)
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Huawei Certified ICT Associate - Routing and Switching (HCIA-R&S)

Duration: 40 Hours

Previously known as HCNA, the HCIA- R&S certification level validates the skills and knowledge of IP network engineers to implement and support small to medium-sized enterprise networks. The certification provides a rich foundation of skills and knowledge for the establishment of such enterprise networks, along with the capability to implement services and features within existing enterprise networks, to effectively support true industry operations.

HCIA Certification covers fundamental skills for TCP/IP, routing, switching and related IP network technologies, together with Huawei data Communications products, and skills for versatile routing platform (VRP) operation management.

The HCIA-R&S certification is aimed at enterprise network engineers involved in design and maintenance, as well as professionals who wish to develop an in-depth knowledge of routing, switching, network efficiency and optimization.

Course Coverage

  • Basic Enterprise Network Architectures
  • Introduction to Transmission Media
  • Ethernet Framing
  • IP Addressing
  • Internet Control Message Protocol
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Transport Layer Protocols
  • Data Forwarding Scenario
  • VRP Foundation
  • Navigating the CLI
  • File System Navigation and Management
  • VRP Operating System Image Management
  • Establishing a Single Switched Network
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Distance Vector Routing with RIP
  • Link state Routing with OSPF
  • DHCP Protocol Principles
  • FTP Protocol Principles
  • Telnet Protocol Principles
  • Link Aggregation
  • VLAN Principles
  • GARP and GVRP
  • VLAN Routing
  • Principle and Configuration of PPPoE
  • Network Address Translation
  • Access Control Lists
  • AAA
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • eSight Network Management Solutions
  • Introducing IPv6 Networks
  • IPv6 Routing Technologies
  • IPv6 Application Services -DHCPv6



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